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I am enjoying a busy life with family, friends and work. Social media is a fabulous way to cast a wide net and stay in ‘virtual’ touch with thousands of people.

I like keeping very active and getting the most out of each day.

My primary job is being a department chairperson and faculty member at SCSU. It’s a great school with fabulous and rich history dating back to 1893. Our institution currently faces many ‘resource driven’ challenges which mirror those going on in Hartford but I am optimistic that we can overcome these short-term challenges with hard work and creative solutions.

I look forward to new challenges, learning new things, meeting new people and staying in touch with past acquaintances.


Hello All,

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life on Wordpress


I’ve been using the Wordpress blog software to create content which is pushed to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + upon publishing for the past several years.

There are well over 400 blog posts and 100,000 views from over 100 countries.

Rick & Jennifer Bassett

April 2016